Everyone has this problem all of the time




Everyone has that problem all of the time.


We all doubt ourselves. And we’re doing it all the time: we do it in meetings, on dates, in public and when we’re alone by ourselves. We do it when we’re working out, and even when we’re not working out. Look to virtually any area of our life and we’ll find the breadcrumbs of self-doubt – we might even find an entire loaf!


We all doubt ourselves, but the real question is, what if you’re wrong?


What if you really are as talented as everyone says? What if your idea is the next billion-dollar business? What if being single isn’t as scary as you think and you’re just moments away from finding your soul mate?



What if you’re wrong?



A little over a week ago, I received an email informing me that I was chosen to move forward in the Master Trainer process for LifeTime Fitness. As part of this process, I needed to film my classes. For whatever reason, the idea of filming myself makes me anxious, but with the amazing support of the Fort Washington community, I was able to do just that.


This past Friday, as I hit the “send” button for my video submissions, I thought, What if it doesn’t work out?


The thought was paralyzing simply because it hadn’t come up during this whole process. I hadn’t so much as given a thought to not teaching teachers because it isn’t just what I want to do, it’s what I feel called to do. Even with the anxiety of filming, the only thought I had during this entire process was, This is it.


We all doubt ourselves. And I started to do just that.


Luckily for me, as I began to ruminate, a good friend called to check in and chat and as I shared what was on my mind, she stopped me,


Amy, what if you’re wrong?


Well, that’s what I’m talking about – like what if I never get to step into this role…


No. That’s not what I mean. What if you’re wrong about yourself? What if you really are as talented at what you do as everyone says? What if you’re wrong?



What if I’m wrong? If my life were being animated at that moment, the skies would have opened and as the sun peeled through the clouds, a chorus of angels would have broken out in song as a look of profound wisdom fell upon my face – it was epiphanic to say the least.


What if I’m wrong and truly what’s been holding me back from stepping into my true potential is just my acceptance of my greatness? What if all it takes is my suspension of that self-doubt?


Stepping into our true power and acknowledging our greatness is never a one-and-done deal. It’s a true soul paradigm of questioning the very foundation upon which we’ve built our lives. Essentially, it’s throwing the world we know upside down.


We’re told (and we believe) if we achieve greatness, then we’re great. Without the evidence to say so, we can’t prove that we are enough. But, what if waiting for the greatness and the evidence to prove that we’re enough is exactly what works against our dreams, not towards them? What if buying into the “way we’re supposed to live our lives” is what keeps us from truly living them?


The only way to validate our ideas is to pursue them. There will be no perfect time when the stars align that says, this is the time. The time is now.



In order to find our voices, we have to use them. We can’t wait in the corner raising our hand and hope that someone calls on us.



To discover our true potential, we must be daring. Great things are never found by holding onto the base of tree trunks – they’re found on the limbs.



To play any game, you must start. To win, you’ve got to keep going. And, if you want to make your dreams a reality, you’ve got to be ready to saddle up, buckle down and be in it for the long haul, no matter the outcome.


In fact, the outcome doesn’t matter. Yes, you read that right: the outcome doesn’t matter. Here’s why: the “end” is never a “result” unless you stop moving. It’s never an end, unless you give up. The only thing relevant is you. Your magic. Your greatness. The power is inside of you, not outside of you in whatever does or doesn’t happen.


It’s our greatest self that raises their hand and speaks up, that shows up to the audition, that walks over and talks to the guy/gal at the table across the way. It’s our greatest self that puts their heart and soul on the line for the dream, even if it means there’s the possibility of not landing the role, the guy/gal, the position.


Our greatest self is the one that has faced rejection and failure and self-doubt – and is willing to do it again – because they think, What if I’m wrong?


Your ending – my ending – is irrelevant. What matters is the beginning. What matters is that we chose to start, where we are and as we are. What matters is that we choose to keep starting in every moment that we need to, that we trust in our magic to keep going because what if we’re wrong?


We all doubt ourselves all of the time, so this week, why not doubt your doubts and believe a little more in your magic? Trust and believe and dwell in your possibility. It’s time to do you, boo.