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Teaching Beyond the Physical is a resource guide integrating themes, ideas & inspiration. Find out how you can connect more deeply to your students by utilizing stories and themes in your classes.


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Client Love

“Without question, Amy’s stories have made the best yoga classes I have ever attended. To say they are inspirational seems like an understatement. You literally walk out of class feeling like you just lived ‘an experience’… and that is precisely what makes you want to go back for more.” -- Hayley C.
"Amy’s authentic gifts and contributions to all teaching communities are generously revealed through this unique and abundant offering of Teaching Beyond the Physical. Her stories, are a way to continue spreading love in to our world, for all to receive and insert into their lives." -- Dona F.

"One of my teachers once told me as a yoga teacher, always seek inspiration. As most of us are also householders, there are days and weeks that inspiration is a challenge to come by. These stories are a wonderful tool for just those times. They are concise and inspiring for the teacher and the class. The prompts are easy to follow. My students really resonated with the story I offered them last week.  I can see myself pulling one out during a rough week, and using the template as a guide for stories I come across. Teaching Beyond the Physical can help yoga teachers deliver powerful yoga classes that touch students hearts and help them enter into the subtler awareness of yoga." -- Kayla A.

"Amy's new program is so intentionally crafted and powerful, just like all of her classes. Beyond the Physical is a program that will help teachers and leaders stay connected to the passion in what they do, which will spark creativity and wisdom within themselves and all the people they serve. This program will help provide those who are a part of it with inspiration that they can truly embody and live. Amy is an incredible, wise and experienced mentor- I highly recommend her work!" -- Nina R.

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