What’s Your Inner Conversation?


“Your results cannot exceed your inner conversations.”

–Patricia Moreno




Has there ever been a time in your life where you wanted to do something, but you talked yourself out of doing it?


It could as simple as going to the gym or taking time you needed for yourself. It could be as big as applying for a new job or fully committing to a relationship. On a daily basis, we talk ourselves out of doing the things we want to do. We tell ourselves that it’s unwise, unpractical, unrealistic, pointless, or risky. We tell ourselves we’re unsure, unprepared, uncommitted, untalented, incompetent, or too busy. We rationalize that it’s too late, we’re too old, or it’s too soon. We convince ourselves that it doesn’t matter.


Except that it does.


Last week, I convinced myself that something in my life didn’t matter. I told myself I am too unsure of what I really want anyway. That I’m too busy focusing on my goals and dreams. That it’s too soon and too risky. Fear got the best of me.


And I let go.


When we are up against our walls, when we are facing a challenge-going bigger than we ever have before, trying something new, or simply trying to shift an old belief-that’s when the talking gets loud. When it hurts, the voice inside wants us to stop. When it’s hard, the voice inside will tell us, “Give in.” When it’s new, the voice will clamor, “It’s too risky.” We talk ourselves out of living out loud, trying something new, or doing something we really want because our inner conversation tells us what we’re lacking.


Our results cannot exceed our inner conversations. We cannot speak of defeat but expect victory. If we want to lose five pounds our inner conversation has to shift from, It’s never worked for me before/ I’m too old/ It will be too hard, to I will find a way. No matter what the goal or end result is, we can find an excuse to talk ourselves out of what it is we want, or we can find a way.


We find a way each and every time we use our words to not just express our reality but to mold it. We find a way when in every hour, every minute and every utterance, we shift our inner conversation with new purpose and meaning. We find a way when we choose to ignite our inner conversation with words of power rather than words of lack.


This past week I realized I was only using my words to express my reality, not to mold it. I was expressing what was lacking in this relationship and all the reasons why it wasn’t going to work. I had convinced myself it didn’t matter. Except that it did. The things that matter to us, matter even more when they’re gone.


This week, I am committing to finding a way, to shifting my inner conversations. Finding a way doesn’t mean I have all the answers. It doesn’t mean it won’t be risky or that my schedule will be so open that I won’t be busy. It’s about shifting my thoughts in small moments by acknowledging what strengths I possess to carry me through this challenge. It’s about small decisions and taking action to live out loud. It’s about igniting my inner conversations with words of power and giving gratitude for what I have in my life and relationships. It’s acknowledging that my result-being happy, free, and open-cannot exceed the inner conversations I’ve been having.



Your inner conversations can either lead you down a path of mediocrity, where you will continue to play small and talk yourself out of doing the things you want to do. Or, your inner conversations can pave the way to your greatness by challenging you to rise to the occasion, by pushing you further outside your comfort zone to go above and beyond. The choice is yours to shift the momentum of your inner conversation.


Are you ready to FIND YOUR WAY? Click HERE for the activity we used in class this past Sunday.



Today may you make your strengths your inner conversation and may you be reminded that you are powerful beyond measure, stronger than you seem, braver than you think and blessed with all you need.