What Drives You?


What drives you?


Two weeks ago, I challenged my team with this question at our all team meeting and hearing all of their shares seriously gave me all the feels – goosebumps, tears, laughs…you name it. And that’s because What drives you? is a powerful question – it’s a question that makes you dig deep into your personal story. It’s a question that doesn’t just look at how you do things, but one that examines why you do what you do. It’s a question that helps you push further and reach higher than you ever thought was possible. And it’s a question that got me thinking…



What Drives Me



There’s a unique driving force inside each one of us – a why behind every decision we make and how we do what we do. And, I fully believe that when you tap into what drives you, what drives you is what will define your life story and change your life.



So, what drives YOU?