37 Life Lessons

I especially love to celebrate others, but it’s always been harder for me to celebrate myself. However, with the encouragement of family and friends, I’m changing that. I’m allowing myself to be celebrated and I’m celebrating my life – especially all of the lessons I’ve learned these last 37 years (as well as the ones…

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The Cure for Pain is the Pain

“The cure for pain is the pain.” – Rumi The body doesn’t forget. My body tenses and my breath becomes shallow when I feel like something is going to be taken away from me. The sinking sensation in the pit of my stomach nearly brings me to my knees when I see certain people in…

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What’s part of you, you don’t want others to see?

“Lean into your partner. Press against them with everything you have, like you are trying to push them over. Look them in the eyes and scream. Let it all out. Really feel it from the depth of your belly. Loud as you can.” It was the first “exercise” of the intenSati retreat. I cringed. These…

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Do you focus on the gains or the gaps?

When is enough, enough? Turns out, if you’re a talented, high-performing and ambitious individual, enough is never enough. In his book, The Gap and the Gain: Building your progress and happiness entirely on how your brain works for you, Dan Sullivan talks about a condition which he refers to as “The Gap”. The Gap is…

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The Second Arrow: how we multiple our suffering

How often do you experience something painful – either emotional or physical – and you fairly quickly find yourself getting dramatic about it? Or maybe you don’t get worked up, but you start to create a story about what this incident must mean about you, your life, your past or your future? When the shitty…

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