Intention is the key to your success but YOU have to start the ignition

“There comes a moment when you have to stop

revving the car and shove it into gear.”

– David Mahoney         


Are you ready? Or are you ready to be ready?


This question might seem silly, but how many times have you said I will begin eating healthier next Monday? Or, that you would begin committing to at least 3 workouts a week? Whether it’s eating healthy, working out or taking time for yourself to do things you enjoy, how many times have you had the best intentions to do what you said you would but for whatever reason or excuse failed to follow through?


Having an intention–an idea, dream, or desired end result-is important when we seek change. But we can have an intention and hold that in our heads and our hearts without ever giving voice to it, without ever putting action behind it. If we truly desire change, we must be willing to change. Ready to ACT.


The thing is, we can be ready to be ready for years. We can hold an intention, bury it deep down, think about it from time to time and then wonder why the change never took place or contemplate if it’s ever possible. The bottom line is if we can think it, it IS possible. What we can see in our mind’s eye, we can manifest into the world. Think of all the conveniences we take for granted or technologies out there. At some point that idea was just a thought one person had. But, what began as a thought was put into reality with ACTION.


Action is vital in turning intentions to reality and differentiates being truly ready for change and just being ready to be ready. When we are ready to be ready, we are full of excuses (reasons); not promises. When we are ready to be ready, one Monday turns into two Monday’s. When we are ready to be ready, we commit to making that change for a day or perhaps a week but give up before we can see tangible results.


Ready-to-Be-Ready Alter Egos:

  • Security-Seeker: curls up on the comfort couch, wanting change but she rationalizes how staying where it’s safe and warm is easier and less complicated.
  • Intention-Wisher: stares out the window, dreaming of her intention but thinking it’s just too far away.
  • Change-Straddler: considers real change as she sits on top of the fence, one leg on each side.
  • Courage-Contemplator: stands at the crossroads of real, tangible change, debating which path she should take.
  • Change-Seeker: commits to change here and there, but never for consistent periods of time. She is always seeking something new to try out that will bring her a quick fix.


Maybe you’ve been one of these alter-change egos at some point in your life. Chances are you’ve ebbed and flowed in and out of them depending on what the degree of change you were seeking. But, it is not enough to simply desire change or even be a change seeker. We must BE the change we seek. We must take conscious and consistent action that is in line with who we say we want to be.


For me, making the shift from the ready to be ready mindset into one of action was pivotal. It wasn’t enough for me to want to be fearless and speak my truth. Trust me. I sat on having my “big” conversation for a long time. You see, I was ready to be ready when the timing was right. And trust me when I say the timing was just never right. I came up with every reason in the book why I couldn’t speak my truth to the girl I fell for and that kind of reasoning had me alter-ego-ing my way through life. It was only when I took steps in owning my voice, when as a Courage-Contemplator I took the path to the right toward Truth, that I moved forward.


Action is what turns intention into reality. But it’s important to remember the type of action that wholeheartedly propels us in the direction of our dreams: daily, consistent action. Case in point: I could have left my “couraging” in the room that day of the big talk. I could have chosen to stay in the role of a Change-Seeker, only mustering up and owning my voice when it was absolutely necessary. I could just leave it at, “Yea, so there was this one time I owned my voice….but it was pretty uncomfortable and though it helped me to grow, I’m pretty content knowing I did it once and I think I’ll just stay put where I am.” It wasn’t about one courageous conversation. It wasn’t about only owning my voice when the timing was right. It was about speaking my truth over and over again and choosing action that is in line with the life I want to live. It’s the type of conversation I’ve had and will continue to keep having. Calling up the courage to speak my truth has taught the greatest lesson thus far in my life: that our voices matter because we matter. The stories we tell ourselves and others (and, on the flip side, the truths we bury and don’t share), shape the life we live. It’s the difference between existing and living. Between readiness and simply being ready to be ready.


Are you ready? Or are you ready to be ready?


Living a life we love starts by loving the life we live. It starts by living each day with intention. It starts when we give up being ready to be ready. It starts when we stop revving the engine with all our reasons. We start loving the life we live when we live with intention, when we shove our life into gear and literally put ourselves into action daily. Every day matters and every day is a chance to have the #bestdayever.


Are YOU ready to have the #bestdayever? Are YOU ready to have your #bestyearyet? Having the best year yet starts by making EVERY day the best day ever and there’s no better time to start than right now (yes, even with the snow). Make a promise right now around what change you wish to see. Make a commitment to do _____________ for 30 days straight. Start showing UP as the person you say you want to be and before you know it, you’ll BE it.


Ready to BE it? Join me and the entire community in a 30-day challenge. Commit to the #promisechallenge or take on a daily act of #service for 30 days and show UP as the change you want to see.


PS: If it were easy, everyone would do it….but you’re not everyone, are you?


May you recognize the astonishing light of your BE-ing. May you shine your light so others can see. May your light uplift another and may you receive the same.