Put Yourself in the Dream


October is a month imbued with change. As the leaves start to change color from greens to red-orangey-browns, it’s a reminder to us that we can embrace change and grow. Yes. Grow. Growing is something we typically do not associate with Fall; but as leaves leave branches bare (how about that alliteration?), the trees are indeed undergoing a period of quiet growth. What most of us would look at during this time of year and consider “dead” or “dying” is actually a quiet growing. It’s a soft collection of energy. It’s power being harnessed. It’s the power we see emerge in Spring. The power that has to start somewhere. That time is NOW. October is a powerful month for change. Even the birthstone for October, the opal, means “to see a change in color.” October serves as a reminder that we can be the change we seek. It affords us the opportunity for the quiet growing of our dreams. It urges us call up the change we seek, the dream we hold, and to consciously choose thoughts, words, attitudes and actions that are in line with that vision. It counsels us to harness right thoughts, right words–empowered visions NOW–so that they too can blossom in “springtime.”


I want you to grab a sheet of blank paper (don’t worry; this newsletter will still be here waiting for you….)


I want you to write down ONE thing you want. A dream. A vision. A goal. A word. A pictorial representation. ONE thing. ANY where on that sheet of paper.


…did you do it yet? (If you’re struggling to get something on paper because it might not be the “right” dream or because you don’t think you have one, or have a good enough one, or whatever….just put something down. It’s not so important what is written on the paper as much as the act of writing itself. Bottom line: it’s about putting that thought out into existence that matters).


I want you to take a moment and think about your word. I want you to see your dream in your minds eye. What it looks like to have it. What it feels like to be IN it. If you need to, close your eyes. But, take a moment to just be aware of how you feel. To notice what the vision looks like.


Now, I want you to write YOUR NAME on that same sheet of paper (no, not the word “your name” but your actual name 🙂 )


Where did you write your name? Is it close to the dream? To the right of it? The left? Is it on the back? In the far corner? Heck, how many of you only have the dream written on that paper? How many of you are taking yourself OUT of the dream before you can even harness YOUR power of words and thoughts?


We are the ones who hold the vision. But that vision is only as powerful as we see ourselves IN it or moving TOWARD it. It’s not so important where we are in relation to the dream, but that we see BOTH.


What thoughts do YOU hold and are they aligned with the vision? What words do YOU use to describe yourself? What words do YOU use to speak to the goal? What attitudes do YOU project onto the dream? Is it the I-can’t-have-isms or the I-am-not-quite-there-yets? Are you willing to upgrade your thoughts? Are you willing to upgrade your words? Are you willing to upgrade your life?


We are powerful beyond belief and possess all that we need to be the change we seek. And, we hold the greatest power of all. Our thoughts and words are immense forces of creation. Whether our thoughts and words are positive or negative, we are still creating. We reap what we sow. The greatest part is that we get to CHOOSE what vision it is we sow.


Join me this month of October as we continue to Dare to Dream. In a season that emanates quiet growing, so too we call up the vision. We begin by daring to dream. We grow quietly by daring to believe, to actually voice what it is we want. We grow a little louder by daring to take a risk. And, before you know it, it’s your “springtime,” and you are daring to succeed.


What do you #daretodream?