Do you dare to dream?

“What’s the purpose of living if you don’t go after your dreams?”

 -Samson Reiny


I absolutely love the substance of this quote. And I wholeheartedly believe that if we are dreaming or going after what we want in life, we are LIVE-ing. Dreaming gives us purpose. Dreaming connects us with our heart. Even if the dream changes, when we are dreaming we are able to LIVE. Fully. Purposefully. Wholly. Unapologetically.


Dreaming. It’s a word I’ve been swirling around in my mouth all week. A word that’s taken up a lot of head-space. It’s filled deep conversations with good friends. It’s also the theme this month on so so many levels. But, as the topic of dreaming was presented and as dream-sharing commenced, the question was raised, “What if I don’t have a dream?” !gasp!


I’m someone, as my best friend pointed out, who has always wanted more. I’m always seeking growth, expansion, purpose. For me, the notion of not having a dream is unthinkable. So when the question, “What if I don’t have a dream?”came up, I literally was dumfounded…and saddened. Surely, everyone has a dream. But maybe you’re also someone who has asked this question, not quite sure what you want, or if you want anything. Well, I have GREAT news for you. Asking “What is IT I want?”-even more, asking, “What if I don’t have a dream?”-means you DO have a dream. It’s a lot less about What if and more about Why don’t I know what my dream is? and probably more importantly,Where can I find my dream? It simply means the dream is buried under some other stuff. It could mean you know what IT is but are scared to admit it to yourself or others. It could mean you know what your dream is, but don’t believe you can have it, so it’s uncomfortable to think about. It could mean there is so much you want to do, that you can’t pick one to identify as “the dream.” Or, it could mean, you don’t know what the dream is, not because you aren’t asking, but because you aren’t asking the right questions.


This month is ALL about dreaming. Regardless of your dream-type (I-know-exactly-what-dream-I-want VS the Do-I-even-have-a-dream), I want you to consider these questions this month and let them guide you to a higher purpose of BE-ing:


If I could have anything I want, what would it be?


Where would I live?  How would I live?  What would I do? 

How would I spend my days?  How would I feel? 

What kinds of hobbies would I have?  What would my social life be life? 

My romantic life?  My finances?  My health?  My creativity?  My spirituality?



These questions speak to the dream but your dream(s) is so much more than wanting things to be different than they are. Your dream(s) is how you express your purpose, authenticity and uniqueness. Your dream is how you chose to LIVE your life. And so these questions also speak to your life as a whole.


This month, dare to dream. This month acknowledge what you want or at least acknowledge that you want to know what IT is you want. This month believe you can have IT so much so that you dare to take a risk. This month, become ready to fail and know that failure is not an end, but simply choosing another path to begin upon. Because what’s the purpose in life if you aren’t going after your dreams?


{ Your dream is amazing. Just like you. It’s waiting to be discovered. Unearthed. Announced. Your dream is filled with purpose. spirit. wonder. authenticity. healing. joy. passion. abundance. Your dream is the YOU you’ve been waiting for and already are. Connect to your soul. Connect to your purpose. Connect to your voice within. Dream.}