Take Your Seat

We talk so much in intenSati about what IT is we want. We hold that vision in our hearts, declare our burning desires during class, we go through moves like Desire and Faith and embody what having that vision FEELS like; ultimately we align ourselves with the vision and see IT as done. And then we leave class. We leave a space that says, “Yes I can.” We leave a space that says, “Yes, I’m ready.” We walk out of the double-doors into the real world where our circumstances find us, hold our hands, convince us this is just simply where we ARE, not that where we are is where we are MEANT to be. We walk out into the real world of our lives, our minds picking up where they left off: they go through to-do lists, to-worry lists, what-if lists, and the like. We still want our IT, but we walk out into the real world and realize we don’t have IT. We worry about not having IT. We are consumed with fear about how to even go for IT. We complain about IT. We wonder if the seeds we planted during class have taken roots and dig feverously at the soil….asking when?when?when?


Yoga calls it “taking your seat.” Maybe you’ve heard it referred to as “manifesting.” It is the heart and soul of what we do in the practice of intenSati. It’s the Every day in a very true way I co-create my reality. As above, so is below. This is what I know. It means regardless of our circumstances, regardless of what we walk back into when we cross through those double doors at Athleta, if we are a YES for possibility-a YES for ourselves-if we declare IT, embody IT, and align our thoughts, words, attitudes and actions with what IT is we want, we create an energy around us that draws that IT into our lives. The more we hold fast to that vision, the more we focus on our minds and train it to be a YES, the more we simply raise our level of awareness, the more we will see the objects of our desires materializing in our lives. Things we once labeled as coincidences, now become evidence of calling our intention into reality. But we must be OPEN to possibility. OPEN to ALL things that come into our lives, especially the “things” that on a first glance or outside view, don’t seem to be what we’ve “asked” for. OPEN to our challenges. Our greatest falls are a test to keep the faith in the vision. Our greatest falls are NOT failure. Rather, they provide us with the energy to propel ourselves up.


For me, this was an important message to get out in my weekly newsletter to all of you. It was an important message that transcended any particular series you’ve done at class. Some of you take class with me at Athleta, some of you at Sweat Fitness in Manayunk and some of you wonderful and lovely ladies were a part of last night’s Black Girls Run! event-much love to all of you! This message is the heart and soul of this practice so whether you have taken one class or twenty, whether you are “declaring your IT,” “taking things One Day at a Time,” or even if you are “making Health Your Wealth,” this message is for YOU.


It was also an important message for me to write about as some of the seeds I’ve planted have started to take root and the more faith and love I have given to my IT’s, the more I have experienced the coincidences, the YES’s, and the falls. Where I am is EXACTLY where I am meant to be. It doesn’t mean I’ve had my “wishes” granted. It simply means I declared IT, held onto the vision, placed IT in a space of possibility and am now seeing that all things ARE possible. It doesn’t mean my book is written, but what it does mean is I am being provided with the lessons and challenges-the material-I need to create IT. It doesn’t mean I am living my dream of teaching fitness full-time, but what it does mean is that I am being provided with opportunities. I am being called to action-being asked to rise to the occasion in classes and events I am teaching and in taking on a new role in the Sati community. Declaring that I want to be in a fulfilling relationship-even declaring that I am ready to explore my sexuality-doesn’t mean I am in that relationship. But, what it does mean is that I am open to the possibility of having IT.


The reason I share this with all of you and the reason I chose this as the theme for this week is because I want each of YOU to “take a seat.” I want you to walk out those doors of the class and still hold IT. You never know if that business card you happened to find on the side walk will be the most amazing job you’ve been asking for. You never know if sharing your story helps someone else who is in the process of going through the same struggles. You never know who might open your eyes when you least expect it. OPEN to THAT possibility. Be a YES for IT and all the forms IT comes to you in.