Are you living life from the inside out or outside in?

How are YOU living your life? Is it from the inside out….or the outside in?   There’s a big difference between living from the inside out versus the outside in.…

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Release and Let Go

This is YOUR invitation to open to the present. This is YOUR invitation to open yourself up to infinite possibility and abundance. This is YOUR invitation to RELEASE and let…

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What is it you are NOT saying?

Our words are POWERFUL. Words have the power to create our reality and form a path in the direction of our dreams. Then there’s the power a statement holds above our heads…

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Take Your Seat

We talk so much in intenSati about what IT is we want. We hold that vision in our hearts, declare our burning desires during class, we go through moves like…

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Complaining Confessionals

My negative thoughts make me want to hide. And I complain about the fact that I’ve harbored them, allowed them passage to dock. I could make excuses about how the…

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