Say NO

“The two most important requirements for major success are:

first, being in the right place at the right time, and

second, doing something about it.”

-Ray Kroc


Maybe you’re a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. Maybe you subscribe to the “right things happen at the right time” adage. Or maybe you don’t believe in divine timing at all. Either way, you’re right.


Our thoughts create our reality. All that we are is the result of what we have thought. WE are the THINKER. We get to choose which thoughts we hold onto, which beliefs make up our collective experience. If you believe things happen for a reason or at the right time, you’ll find purpose in your circumstances, victory in each step, and lessons with each fall. If you don’t believe things are happening for you, but rather TO you, you’ll make yourself a victim of your circumstances, pulling out excuses as to why something didn’t happen or why you can’t have what it is you want. Either way, you’re “right” because that is what you CHOOSE to believe.


Our thoughts are the keystone to creating success. Patricia Moreno, creator of the intenSati practice, encapsulates this idea perfectly in her book, “The intenSati Method”:


“As soon as you make the decision to change, your life will follow. It has to. You are the one directing it…The thoughts you are thinking, whether you are paying attention to them or not, are activating emotions within you. Those emotions fuel your energy, and that energy fuels your actions.”


Action. It’s the stuff dreams are made of. It’s the stuff that creates “more.” Without action, an intention is merely a wish. But our thoughts are the backbone for that action: If we think we can, we will; if we don’t, we won’t. In other words, if we believe things are happening TO us, we may act, but our actions will be born out of fear or worry. Or, if we believe we can’t lose weight or get a new job, we will most likely not take action, finding excuses to not work out or put our job application out there….I mean, why bother if we believe we’re going to fail anyway? Either way you look at it, you relinquish your power. BUT, if we believe in right timing, that regardless of the situation or circumstance this experience is happening FOR us, that we are the ones in control over what it is we think, say and do in regards to those circumstances; we will not only own our power, we will take action that sets us up for success in the long run.


We all want more. More money. More time. More love. More of you-name-it. If you’ve got it “all,” maybe you just want more of what you’ve already got. What IT is we specifically desire varies for each of us, but the bottom line is we all desire more on some level. And I’ll let you in on a little secret….it’s not a bad thing. Not at all. It’s great in fact. Wanting more, even if you aren’t exactly sure what “more” means for you, is a surefire sign that you want to LIVE life, not merely go through the motions. But many of us, on our path to “more,” get lost in the “HOW”: How am I ever going to lose the weight? How am I going to get myself financially stable? How can I ever love the skin I’m in? How can I be in a fulfilling relationship? We get lost in the journey of our circumstances. Lost in the why is this happening to me? Lost in the why is this not happening for me?We get consumed in the fear of failure. And that fear of not having “more” prompts us to protect ourselves. We give ourselves explanations why we can’t have more, why we don’t deserve more, why we aren’t living more. Those explanations, however, are nothing more than thoughts, thoughts we choose to believe in, thoughts that when we really examine them are excuses.


NO-vember is all about NO Excuses. This month we’re saying NO to our limiting beliefs, the ones that keep us from having more. This month we’re saying NO to fear and worry so that we can be a YES for success. This month we’re declaring that when we say NO and let go of the old, we say YES and open up to the new. The month of NO-vember is all about creating a new attitude simply by shifting our minds, shifting our thoughts into a place of possibility. Every step is a victory. Every fall is a lesson. This month we’re set up for success because we’re taking action.