About Teaching Beyond the Physical


Crafting themes and finding stories to tell in your yoga class can take an immense amount of time -- not to mention there's the actual sequencing of moves and curating a playlist for class. That said, a single class can take over an hours worth of time and if you teach multiple classes during the week...well, you get the idea. Theming can be extremely time consuming and it's easy to let theming and story- telling fall to the wayside and simply focus on the asana practice.


My goal as a yoga teacher, story-teller, mother and spiritual healer, is to nourish the bodies and the souls of my students and I've found that stories and theming are the most accessible way to do that.


Stories have a way of touching the deepest parts of ourselves, awakening new and profound feelings, and they tend to linger in our hearts and minds until we can articulate some new found truth about ourselves and the world around us. Physical movement and the asanas we use in class matter, but pairing movement with theming and wise words offers your students the opportunity to connect more deeply to themselves, their struggles, their life.


As yoga teachers and practitioners of yoga, we want that -- we want to connect more deeply to our students and we want to have them connect more deeply to their practice, but we also don't have hours of time each week to scour the internet for themes and stories.


Teaching Beyond the Physical is a resource guide integrating themes, ideas & inspiration.