Life Lessons 32.0

  1. Passion over everything. When you passionately and genuinely believe in something, it will change you. You will embody the energy of your passion, and the world will notice the light that you shine. If you cannot put your heart in it, take yourself out of it.


  1. Failure is underrated. In fact, my failure has often lead to my greatest successes. If I hadn’t struggled with chemistry in college, I wouldn’t have switched to English and reconnected with my passion for writing. If Athleta hadn’t told me I couldn’t have every Sati Sunday in store, I might have never taken some big girl steps to approach Weston and bring my tribe there.


  1. Stay humble. Humility is the gift that keeps on giving. It makes us relatable to others. It enables us to ask for and receive help, as well as give it. Watching one of “my” intenSati students, Ayanna, become a leader herself, was incredibly humbling. To watch her soar and to know that she first learned of this practice through me…wow.


  1. And then give more. Taking on 30 days of Random Acts of Kindness gave me a greater appreciation for power of positive change. What we give is what we receive.


  1. Don’t let the little things get to you. I learned this (many times) the hard way. Most recently my computer crashed and I had a major meltdown. The result? I got one fierce cold. Did it suck to potential lose my documents? Absolutely! Was it worth getting sick over? Hardly. Breathe in. Breathe out (see #22)


  1. Sometimes you have to put it in the “I don’t know folder.” Awful stuff happens. Sometimes there’s an immediate silver lining. But, sometimes there isn’t and at these times we simply have to accept that some things don’t make sense. And maybe they will later.


  1. Progress, not perfection. I’m a recovering perfectionist, but what I’ve learned is it’s not the number on the scale that validates my worth, nor is it the amount of praise I receive from others that counts. My value comes from within and that starts by acknowledging the amazing progress and the strides I’ve taken.


  1. Positive affirmations really work*. I struggled a good portion of my adult life with an eating disorder and depression. I started practicing and then teaching intenSati and the rest is history. Literally. (*affirmations work best with an open mind and with consistent repetition, awareness and faith)


  1. Balance is key. I’m still struggling to find balance but I find it in moments: knowing I’m tired but it’s ok to take a day off from the gym; wanting that slice of pizza and choosing to have it without chastising myself. Balance.


  1. Energy is palpable. We’ve all felt it at one time or another. There’s the person who we always feel good and uplifted around, or the person who is draining. Energy is very real.


  1. Thank You are the two most powerful words you can say. Often times when I am given a compliment, I shrug it off. In doing so, I not only disservice myself, but I extend that disservice to the person who offered me the compliment. Offered a compliment? Given a gift? Just say thank you.


  1. You can find a way or you can find an excuse. When you really want something, fear is bound to set in. But, rather than give into the excuse, take one small action in the direction of that goal. Case in point: Diana Nyad


  1. You ARE better than you think. We continuously don’t give ourselves enough credit for our talents and abilities (present company WAYYYY included). We create what might only be 80% in our minds but may be 110% to others. Don’t let your limiting beliefs hold you back. Confidence carries us to where we want to go.


  1. Dance like EVERYONE is watching. This past year has taught me so much about the feelings of things and has really enabled me to go within and find the joy in movement. When you find the joy in moving your body, not only is it freeing, it helps others experience that freedom. So dance like everyone is watching and inspire them to find their joy.


  1. A smile goes a long way. Smiling makes you feel better, stimulates your brain reward mechanism, makes you healthier by reducing stress cortisol levels, AND when you smile…it prompts others to mimic your smile. Check your face!


  1. You can’t motivate people but you can inspire them with your actions. We can sit and pin and post motivation quotes. But those words don’t result in us taking action. In my 30 day challenges, it wasn’t enough to ask, “What are you taking on?” but rather to say, “Here’s what I’m taking on and struggling with.”


  1. You are the expert on YOU. Only YOU know what you need. Speak your truth. Own your voice. Take actions consistent with who you say you want to be.


  1. The moment you say YES to acting on your desire is the real Two years ago, after an interview at Renfrew Eating Disorder Clinic and two days in Friends Hospital for depression, I made the decision that I wanted to be happy, living a life I loved. THAT was the real beginning and every day since then has been an opportunity to act on my desire for change.


  1. FEELINGS first. I’ve made this last year all about going for the feeling of things and found that doing so brings a focus to what matters most. Rather than focus on the outcome, ask yourself, “What can I do today that will allow me to feel __________?”


  1. Often just asking a question put change in motion.


  1. Feel the fear and do it anyway. Life truly begins right outside our comfort zone and far too many of us skirt along the edges without ever going over. Fear and doubt will try to stop you but if you give into them, you’ll shy away from doing great things and going on new adventures. The moment I spoke my truth, the moment I relaxed into exploring my sexuality—the moment I met and embraced resistance—is the moment I grew. Exponentially.


  1. Learn how to breathe. Really breathe. In a cardio class, I’m gasping for air. I’m panicked and I’ve got tightness in my chest. But, when I reconnect to my breath, to deep inhales and exhales and to various stylings of breath in Naam yoga, I find myself grounded.


  1. Our words are powerful. The written word cements our desires. Even if your dream changes, having IT written down sets off a chain of events that will change your life.


  1. Own your sh*t. It’s not always easy. But there’s an immense amount of freedom in acknowledging your mistakes and taking a stand for something you believe in.


  1. What you DO is not who you ARE. For the longest time, I equated my job to my worth as a person and always felt the need to explain that I had a “real” job before. Now I’m proud to say I teach fitness classes and my 5 years of teaching English and my almost-Masters degree? Well, that was just preparing me for THIS.


  1. Start before you’re ready. If I had waited until I was ready to speak my truth, teach a class, explore my sexuality, tell my story…well, it never would have happened. Don’t be ready to be ready. Start before you’re ready.


  1. Everything isn’t black or white. This year has brought me a lot of experience and experience lets you see the grey. Life isn’t all or nothing.


  1. WE create our own reality. We have the power to break mental patterns that no longer serve us and we have the power to consciously choose new thoughts that empower us. It’s only a matter of breaking old habits and creating new ones. Repetition creates habit.


  1. Sit in Silence. A few moments of silence each day will broaden your horizon, strengthen your self-awareness, and heighten your inner clarity. With clarity, you can do anything.


  1. Sometimes just showing up IS enough. As a recovering perfectionist (see #7), I often skipped intenSati because I feared I wouldn’t do it perfectly or because I’d end up crying during class. But when I showed up, vulnerability in tow, tears and all, I opened myself up to new experiences.


  1. If you don’t tell someone they won’t know. I thought the first girl I fell for knew how I felt. She didn’t. Having that conversation allowed me to start walking my path BUT also reminded me of the importance of speaking IT.


  1. Be a student of the universe. I have a lot left to learn. If I’ve learned anything, it’s that there’s ALWAYS more to learn so I can keep growing. Life has many lessons to teach me and I’m looking forward to them…